Discovering More About Fordham University


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Discovering More About Fordham University

It cannot be stressed enough how valuable education is for the betterment of mankind and global progress. Many of society’s ills stem from ignorance and the lack of skills to combat hardship. Education brings people a step closer to achieving their dreams, and eventually, to making this world a better place to live.


As an alumnus of Fordham University, I am thankful for the opportunity to cross that particular milestone in my life. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education in that university. Studying there has, in one way or another, helped shape the person I am now.


They say going to Fordham University makes New York your school campus. Rose Hill, the original Bronx campus, is a short walk to the Bronx Zoo New York Botanical Gardens, and Little Italy. Lincoln Center is nearby Central Park. This allows students to live and learn in the thick of urban experience.


Founded in 1841, Fordham University is a private institution that ranked 60th in the 2017 edition of Best Colleges. It was established as a Jesuit Catholic university. Unsurprisingly, the school embodies the spirit of the Jesuit teachings which emphasizes the importance of cultivating profound ideas and engaging with communities around the globe. It encourages the appreciation of beauty that surround humanity and understanding the entirety of the human experience. According to the university’s website, their mission comes down to three ideas: striving for excellence in everything one does, caring for others, and fighting for justice.


Fordham University gives prominence to diversity, striving to create a “university for all of us.” It is fully dedicated to accepting anyone regardless of race, gender, culture, religion, and socioeconomic status. The Office of Multicultural Affairs celebrates the rich diversity in the campus by organizing events such as heritage-month programs, interfaith ceremonies, and local traditions.


True to its nature, the school encourages students to live on the campus, guaranteeing student housing for four years at Rose Hill and Lincoln Center.  They believe that the sense of community that shapes students’ college experience begins when they move in. It will allow them to develop relationship with diverse people and get more involved in activities, leaderships, and organizations in the campus.


For generations, the school has been faithful to its guiding principle—wisdom and learning in the service of others. It has transformed the lives of thousands of students who aspired to reach their highest potentials. Since 2003, the school has 119 Fulbright Scholarships. It has also accumulated 1.2 million community service hours in 2013.


Some of the school’s notable alumni include Mary Higgins Clark, Denzel Washington, William J. Casey, Joan Fitz-Gerald, and Ivo Banac.



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