Exploitation Disguised as Normalcy


What You Need to Know about Normalcy


There are standards set in every society. The setting of standards gave birth to what we call normal. Normalcy then creates a barrier we call labels, and those who belong to the other side of the fence are most of the time considered different. And once you’re different, you will never get to be treated equally.

A lot of people fight for their share in a presupposed normal society, especially the persons with disabilities, or the PWDs, the sick. Although many people are getting educated about their condition and letting go of the stigma of being not born like everyone else, there are a few who remain enslaved by normalcy. On severe cases, some people, instead of understanding and helping the differently abled, take advantage of them.

Some of those who take advantage of the differently abled hide under prominent titles and pure intentions. One of those is the pharmaceutical industry.

Exploitation Disguised as Normalcy

This billion-dollar industry, like most of us, has a good and bad side. The original intention of providing cure for illnesses is noble, but their concealed capitalist motive is often why some patients get addicted to prescription drugs. When you get diagnosed with a mental illness, you are subject to a lifetime of medication that often results to addiction. This, as how I see it, is exploitation sugarcoated with fixing the broken.

There is nothing about the differently abled that needs fixing. It is the upside-down mind-set that if you don’t appear to be like everyone else, then you are broken. Normalcy does not just create barriers but also fences everyone in. Standards change every now and then. And for every generation of societal norms, there will always be trailblazers, people who are different, and people who are ahead of their time. If we all stay in the fence, nothing in this world would change.

Exploitation Disguised as Normalcy2

Perhaps it is time to reconsider how we look at the differently abled. Humanity should be the key to helping and encouraging those who are different. While different institutions continue to manipulate society and set out unattainable standards, why don’t we celebrate diversity and being different even in the simplest form? When we embrace our individuality, we also encourage humanity.

Everything in the world is a by-product of nature, and there is nothing nature does unintentionally. Everything in this world happens for a reason.



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