How to Take Advantage of Life’s Opportunities to Fulfill Your Dreams



“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

– Thomas Edison

“Opportunity” is a word that we all love. It inspires us. It brings thrill into our lives. It is something that can make our lives better. But what if it slips right out of our hands? What if we see it only when it is too late?

Opportunities arrive in the most unexpected times. Our mistake is that we do not always notice when opportunities come knocking on our door, especially when we’re too preoccupied with the current situation we are in. Our vision for what lies ahead is blurred out because we are too busy focusing on the NOW. We sometimes fail to think that we can be bigger than what we are today.

How can we fulfill our dreams if we let the opportunities slip away? We must keep ourselves open – our eyes, heart, and mind – for us to be able to receive them and take advantage of the possibilities that they have in store for us.

If you are not quite sure how to take advantage of life’s opportunities, I’ve got some advice for you.


  • Look back…


  • On the opportunities you’ve missed in the past.
  • On what stopped you from taking them.

By looking back on the missed opportunities, you will be able to identify what attitude, pattern, or aspect in your life you can improve on. The next time an opportunity shows up, you’ll know what to do.

  • Pay attention…


  • To your everyday life.
  • To what situations you can possibly take advantage of.

By paying attention, you will be able to identify if it is the right time and if you have the right resources to take advantage of new opportunities. You will see opportunities as they come.

  • Take a chance…


  • On your heart’s true desire.
  • On making a change in your life.

By taking a chance, you can make your dreams tangible. You will be able to formulate goals on how to make them real. What you truly want in life will be within your grasp.

  • Don’t be afraid…


  • To take action.
  • To seize an opportunity, even if it involves risk.

By being fearless, you will not have any second thoughts about seizing an opportunity when it comes along. Your fear won’t be able to stop you from fulfilling your dreams.

Some opportunities may not come knocking twice. They won’t bang on your door either if you ignored them the first time. So, open your door and welcome them in with open arms. Again, look back, pay attention, take a chance, and don’t be afraid. Who knows? The opportunity you just came face to face with might be the key to unlocking the portal to the fulfillment of your dreams!

I hope this short piece was able to inspire and encourage you to become a braver and better individual. I wish you all the best in your endeavors!

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