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Cover for "Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book One the Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book One)"

Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book One...

(Part of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians (#1) Series, Camp Half-Blood Chronicles (#1) Series, and Coleccionable Percy Jackson (#1) Series)

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Book Overview

The classic first book about Percy Jackson, the troubled boy who discovers he is the son of Poseidon, and his adventures with demigods, monsters, and Greek gods. This classic by #1 New York Times best selling author Rick Riordan has sold millions of copies throughout the worldIt has appeared on the New York Times bestseller list for more than 10 yearsRead in classrooms across the USAdapted into a movie, a Broadway musical, and soon, a TV series on...

Customer Reviews

18 ratings

Good book..physically bad

I knew this book was not going to be in perfect condition when I purchased it, and that doesn't bother me. However, it looked like it was used as a coloring book. Several pages had orange crayon drawings and scribbles all over it. Again, I knew I was not getting anything brand new, but I was not expecting "Good" condition to mean colored all over.

Awesome book!

I LOVED this book! The writing was amazing and the characters were super lovable. DEFINITELY better than the movie/movies. Would totally recommend to anyone who likes Greek mythology and/or fantasy. The book also had a lot of funny parts. The Rick Riordan really made this story come to life!

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The book had a small tear from shipping but it was only on the jacket. The book is in great condition with no markings inside or out. No dog ears and no smell.

Not what I ordered

I ordered a very good, library binding, I got a trashed paperback that BRAND NEW cost less than I paid. I am livid, how am I supposed to trust what I'm purchasing anymore?

Very good condition was not very good

This was seriously banged around. Smashed corners revealing the board beneath the cover. This is definitely not what I would consider a VG condition book.


I haven’t gotten this book yet but I can’t find a way to track we’re in the heck my book even is this is my fav book ever but I don’t own the book and I’m looking forward to getting the book but I’ve been waiting a while and I’m SURE I purchased it does anyone know how to track the book?

Loved the book but...

Love the book but hate that the book has writing all over it and throughout the book. Guess I’m going to have to buy it brand new, hate how people don’t take care of books properly.

Story great condition used as a note book

As this was a Christmas gift to my sun I chose a condition rating that I thought ment well loved not used as a kids note book

Got me back to my addiction

When i was little i would always be reading. There was a time where you didnt see a book in my hand! I continued to read from elementary to middle school but when i got into highschool, i got my first phone. i was always on my phone that i completely forgot books existed for a while! I read this book a few weeks ago and i can't put the series down!

I wish this book had been published with I was in 6th grade!

This book SHOULD have been published in 2000. WHY, YOU ASK? Because I feel very strongly that I would have loved to read this when I was a youngling and then my friends and I could have argued about our cabins and dreamed about going off on mad adventures with satyrs and demigods. *sigh* I suppose I am the Harry Potter generation and in all fairness, we should leave some of this other goodness to another group of kids. I really did think that this was wonderfully written. The mythology was pretty solid, Percy & Co.'s behavior was true to their age but not supremely annoying. The imagery was great, I really liked the use of cheeseburgers and milkshakes as bribes from gods/monsters. I like Charon and the fact that Percy followed through on his promise to him. I thought the whole thing was fun. Obviously, as a MG novel, this story will not be for everyone. As an adult, I can confirm it was entertaining despite the fact I am 15 years older than the intended audience. I had to get used to the idea that these were sixth graders and be okay with that before delving into the adventure. AND THAT'S OKAY. These are pretty mature sixth-graders. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of mythology, doesn't mind the protagonists being younglings, and is down for a good, fun romp. ALSO. This book is NOT the film. It diverts at just about the point when they leave their first task. Do not expect the same story. Enjoy the differences. THEY ARE MUCH MORE INTERESTING THAN THE MOVIE. GODS GET INVOLVED. BAD STUFF IS GOING DOWN. In this vein, the ending was a bit draggy BUT TOTALLY NECESSARY for the continuing series plot. If these books came out when you were an adult and you feel a bit cheated by not being in the proper age group, do yourself a favor and read it anyway. It's a quick read. It's fun. Just do it.

This Book Is The Start Of Everything Beautiful...

A book great for young readers, but anyone can enjoy this. Sucked me in every night until I got to the last book in the series, The Last Olympian. I definitely had my laughs, but the one of the most enjoyable things about this book is the learning about Greek mythology. I recommend 100% to anyone who likes to read or not, I wasn't a big book person, but after I read these I couldn't stop reading and adventuring into other books.

A Modern Day Hercules Meets Harry Potter

Greek mythology has moved to the America's largest cities in the world, creating all new heroes, monsters and adventures in the heart of the country. Percy Jackson is just one of those new heroes, a half-blood (half human half god), trying to make his way in the world that he soon finds out is not as normal as he thought. Percy is the modern Hercules, first discovering he is half god after being forced to attend the Half-Blood summer camp when it is too dangerous for him to live in the outside world. Gods exist, and the famous Mount Olympus has taken station right in Percy's backyard: the Empire State Building. Percy quickly discovers he is meant for greatness, forced onto a quest to save the world with Athena's daughter Annabeth, and the comical satyr, Grover. Zeus's famous lightning bolt has been stolen and Percy and his friends must get it back, otherwise the gods will be forced to fight amongst themselves creating a World War III. Thus he travels cross-country, encountering various monsters and famous American monuments, to get to Los Angeles where the entrance to the Underworld currently resides. I enjoyed seeing every new mythological creature or Greek god that showed up, and how they were portrayed in our current modern world. Ares, god of war, is a biker while Medusa who turns anyone who looks at her into stone is a sculptor. Though the situations are dangerous they are also comical, especially if you know the lore behind the creatures. Percy continues to outsmart those around him, but still has faults (such as not seeing what is really going on until it is almost too late). Percy and his friends are a good trio, and their interactions are fun to read. One of the main reasons I hesitated picking up The Lightning Thief, was the huge hype over how wonderful it was. I was worried I would be painfully disappointed, especially since I am a huge Greek mythology enthusiast, and I just wasn't sure this book was going to meet my expectations. Let me cut to the chase and say I LOVED this book! I can't wait to get the next one.


This book is a wonderful book....especially if you like weird chapter names and mysterious Greek gods! In this book there is a boy named Percy Jackson. His dad is Posiedon.God of water! He starts to search for his father. You will love this book if you like mishap and may hem! The book is mostly about how his uncle Zeus thinks his nephew Percy Jackson stole his lightning bolt! .....But Percy didn't do it! Another god did! It was the god of messages....HERMES! The things I do like is that you get trapped in the book! Almost like you are witnessing it! This book is what you've been looking for! I guarantee it! By Diamond

Fantastic Thrill Ride

I held off buying THE LIGHTNING THIEF for a couple years. The market seems glutted with YA fantasy at the moment, and I read quite a bit of it with my 9-year-old. We've discovered several good series, but THE LIGHTNING THIEF seemed too long to hold his attention when it first came out. This year we noticed it in the book fair at school, then saw that it was an Accelerated Reader book. So I picked it up and read a couple chapters to try it out. I was 50 pages into it when I realized I needed to be reading this to my son. I did read it to him. We FLEW through the book (375 pages!) in 6 days because he kept pestering me to read it to him. We finished it up in a 5-hour marathon yesterday, hanging onto every page as Percy and his friends tried to save the world and put things to rights in their own lives. THE LIGHTNING THIEF is a great book for adults and kids. I've already recommended it to a couple of adult friends who experienced the same kind of can't-put-it-down pull that I did. Percy Jackson, the hero of the book, comes across as every kid you'd ever meet or ever would. He's no brainiac (he has dyslexia and ADHD) but he has friends who are. But he is courageous and clever, stubborn and loyal. He is the best he can be, and he's getting even better. Riordan works in many of the Greek myths in the novel. There was a time when knowing Greek mythology was a pre-requisite for having a "classical" education. Many morals and philosophies are presented in the tales. From the very beginning of the novel, we find out Percy is different when he ends up fighting a harpy in the museum while on a school trip. He's been kicked out of 6 schools in 6 years, lives with his mom and step-dad, Smelly Gabe, an evil guy who deliberately makes Percy's life hard. Then, when he's on a well-deserved vacation with his mom, he finds out he's a Half-Blood, the son of one of the Greek gods. But his mom doesn't know who his dad was and that's just one of the mysteries Percy ends up solving. The cool part of the book is peeling away all the mysteries of Percy's life and who really took Zeus's magic thunderbolt. Along the way he gains powers that set my son's head to spinning with hope and delight. Percy's a superhero without the costume, and there are plenty of villains in his world. Riordan is a teacher who obviously loves kids as well as the subject matter. The Greek gods were a cantankerous lot, and Riordan delivers them well. Not only does he give his readers the stories, but he also brings the gods on stage and gives them personalities. The series is supposed to run for 5 books. I think it will go on longer. I hope so. I've already ordered books 2 and 3, and my son and I are looking forward to them. The books take a while to read outloud to younger readers, but the effort is well rewarded. The story is rich and deep, and will keep your child's attention. In addition, you'd be surprised how much you can talk about even when you're not readin


If you like Harry Potter, you will probably like this book, too. Come to think of it, if you do not like HP, you may still like this book. Recommended reading ages are grades 5-9 but if you're younger and like to read this book may very well be fine . . . and, this book is actually written well enough for adults to enjoy as well. Tale focuses on a 12 year old boy named Percy who isn't getting along with just about everyone in school and soon discovers part of his problems are related to the fact that he's the son of the Greek God, Poseidon, which leads him to a training camp for Half-Bloods/Demigods and then a quest to stop the Zeus and Poseidon from tearing the whole world apart. PROS (1)Told in first person narrative and therefore flows particularly well.; (2) Hip and cutting edge enough, focusing on popular, trendy spots like Las Vegas, at one point, for instance.; (3) Well detailed info on mythology so one could learn a lot without cracking open a mythology book. A lot of the details are woven into the story rather than just told to you.; (4) Some really funny lines or events; (5) Well established relationship with his mortal mother; (6) Some good action scenes that focus on Greek Mythology; and (7) A few surprised even the veterans of fantasy reading won't spot. CONS (1)For adults, if you don't like archetypes and standard story archetypes, you may find this a bit predictable in certain parts. Remember that it's written for young readers.; and (2) Percy tends to fall into a few jams because he doesn't think things through. He's twelve so I suppose he gets some slack for that but then he also does some smart things so judge it as you will.

Wonderful, entertaining read!!!!

OK, so I am an 11 year old girl going on twelve. I don't sound like much of a "major" book reader. I hardly read at all! But, this book caught my eye. Once I opened this up to the first page, I was automatically sucked in! Myths, monsters, elegant gods & goddesses! I absolutly love this book. Readers can relate to the personality of Percy Jackson, or just feel their heart pumping when a monster attacks Percy, or even embrace their inner half blood self! I love this book and highly recommend it. Thanks for reading my review!

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