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Cover for "Where the Wild Things Are"

Where the Wild Things Are

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Book Overview

Maurice Sendak's Caldecott Medal-winning picture book has become one of the most highly acclaimed and best-loved children's books of all time. A must for every child's bookshelf.This iconic story has... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

14 ratings

Wicked book

This book is wicked and is grooming children to become familiar with the demonic realm. I'm astounded no one is mentioning this in the reviews anywhere online. Reading books like these to the children opens up doors for the demonic. We threw the book in the trash. Stay far away!

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condition of cover

The book is in good condition except for the cover, which has numerous wrinkles in it. This was intended to be a gift, so I wish that had been noted properly. I'm normally very satisfied with my purchases here.

His other book banned?

Did I really watch an episode when Colbert was on the other channel? He would have authors and had this one. This author had one book banned in school because of perversity (illustrative nudity for little boys). Colbert asked him about the springs of this bed in the book and.... let us just say, creepy answer. At my age, I sometimes wonder, did I really see this? Buy at your own risk.

Extremely impressed with book Condition

This is a classic must have on every child's bookshelf no matter their age. It is a favorite in our home.

Not what I ordered

I absolutely love this book but what I received was a puzzle book.I purposely ordered this for teaching purposes and though the puzzle book is in beautiful condition it is not useful for what I needed.

Not good condition

I love this books I bought it to read to my son. All the pages are colored on with blue scribbles. This book is not in good condition

Excellent condition. I have fun reading this and making the monster voices. It’s really a great book

Children will love this fun book. There are all kinds of ways to read it You can be the monsters and the child can be Max or visa Versace.

The book I received was in terrible condition. Ripped pages. Most pages had to be taped to the bin

The book was in terrible condition when it arrived. I don't know about the contents as I just taped it together and donated it.

Not my favorite

Not a fan. I bought this for my toddler grandsons but I am afraid it will give them nightmares.

"Please don't go, we'll eat you up, we love you so!"

I personally never liked Sendak's WTWTA. Or In the Night Kitchen. Or Chicken Soup with Rice. Or anything ever illustrated or written by him. So, I'm not a fan. Got it?But WOW, was I ever wrong. I just didn't get it before, but listening to Tammy Grimes narrate and with the addition of Herr Mozart, it's like being transported into what must have been a fascinating mind who could write so well for children. Buy this CD for your 4 year old + child with imagination to spare and he'll be begging for it. It's become a TREAT 'round these parts.

One of our favorites!!

I bought this book because, although I'm not completely fluent in Spanish (yet!), I wanted to expose my son to different languages. I love Where the Wild Things Are, so this seemed an obvious choice for us. The story is wonderful and imaginative. The illustrations are some of the best in children's literature. Some of the pages in the book have no narration. Only pictures. So it appeals to younger book enthusiasts who aren't quite old enough to read. One of the best additions to your home library you'll ever find!

The translation is excellent

If you're familiar with the English version, then you already know The story is terrific (My 18 month old loves both). What's really nice about this, is that the translation manages to capture a sense of beat and poetry similar to the original English and still remain a fairly accurate translation.

A Wonderful Reading by Tammy Grimes

The Sendak stories read by Tammy Grimes capture the spirit and fun of the text and pictures without "talking down" to children. My kids have loved it from age 18 months to 7 (and counting). A wonderful interpretation of wonderful stories.

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