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Cover for "Harry Potter und der Feuerkelch"

Harry Potter und der Feuerkelch

(Book #4 in the Harry Potter Series)


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Book Overview

The fourth book in the beloved Harry Potter series, now illustrated in glorious full color by award-winning artist Jim Kay. With over 150 illustrations Harry Potter wants to get away from the... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

35 ratings

Great job

Book as advertised My daughter loves it Thank you!

What Teachers Will Do For Large Print...

Acceptable Condition...need to redefine this category. It is very hard to get books for my visually impaired students, so when one is available in Large Print -- I buy it. But two-thirds of the cover ripped off is not Acceptable Condition. I will be oh so very wary in the future. Cannot trust that the paperback cover will be delivered intact. The packaging was perfect, so this was sent "as is". What kid wants to read a book with the cover ripped off???

No Dust Cover

Pages are in great shape but the dust cover is missing.

Harry Potter Fan

Ordered like new, and book came in excellent condition. Excited to have my collection almost completed!!


Hmm.. I never actually got this.

Book was warped

The book looks like someone tried to bend it in half. The pages are dirty. This is far from "acceptable" condition.

No dust jacket

No dust jacket ☹️Very disappointed. I have ordered several books and have had good luck. Unfortunately this book didn’t have the dust jacket. I reread the conditions and I do not see where it says it may not have a dust jacket or I would not have purchased. So this will have to go to goodwill and I’ll look further for one with a jacket. Shame on this seller.

Came in perfect condition!!

This book came in very good condition and really enjoyed reading it.

It wasn’t the illustrated edition…

I ordered the illustrated edition, but it was just a regular one, I’m not great condition.😭

No Dust Jacket!!

So i was very happy to find this edition of the book but it never came with a dust jacket

Harry Potter & The goblet of Fire.

The book I received was in great condition. With dust cover & beautiful pages. I love the Harry Potter series & this app! Thank you.

Good condition??

Good condition equals missing and ruined pages… Come on.

Good book and price, not so much on description

This is a really good book and the price is awesome! The problem is with the description. It was supposed to be in very good condition but the book does show signs of wear. It was supposed to come with a dust jacket but there isn't one so it's not going to match with the rest of the books. First time I've been disappointed with a purchase

Book’s condition was not as advertised

Had to purchase this book from another site that actually described book’s condition accurately.

Not what I thought I bought

When I purchased this book, I was expecting it to have the illustrated dust cover that was shown in the picture. However, I received the book without the dust cover, which is rather disappointing. I wish that I would have known it would not come with the book, I would not have bought this book if I knew that beforehand.

Not acceptable condition

The book was being held together with masking tape and upon opening it, it split in half and we had to continually tape pages back in. "Acceptable" does not mean literally acceptable, apparently, it means "not good condition." Luckily my daughter will read this in a few sittings, but it will not last beyond that.

Came as expected

Got exactly what I ordered

No Cover

Ordered a "Good condition" copy and it arrived without a dust cover.

Not in the Condition I Ordered

The book i received was not in the "very good" condition I had ordered/expected. There were a few stains throughout and the dust cover was ripped and frayed.

Poorly advertised

I was very excited to reread the series however the book is missing the first 9 chapters like someone ripped them out. You would think this would have been noticed.

good quality

really good quality

The condition of the book was horrible

I was expecting some normal used, but the book was severely damage


I paid extra to get a book in Very Good condition. I got a book that was in bad condition! Not only did it not come with the jacket cover but the corners are torn, wore down and there are stains all over the book. Markings on the pages. I’m so incredible disappointed with my first purchase from this website. I don’t think I’ll be ordering anything else

Falling apart

I got this book and Orderd it in Hood condition but it compared more to the Acceptable condition. It is falling apart at the spine and has rips all along the cover.

Listed as Like knew but it was basically trash

First time using this site- I ordered the Like New version that listed it as having a Book Jacket. When I got the shipping notification it listed the book as Very Good. I emailed the company and they were responsive and helpful and gave me a refund and said to donate the book or to keep it. I was going to give it to our local little book house book swap. Yall this book arrived...... how it even is listed as Very Good is astounding. No book jacket, the binding is falling apart and the Name on the book is rubbed off. Stains on the front and back cover and the pages are dirty as heck. I don't feel comfortable putting a book like this in the book swap out of fear it will fall apart and that person will think its their fault. I am only giving the stars based on the customer service response the book itself gets negative stars.

Someone check your rating system - Very Good Condition should be “use to start fires”

Book was supposed to be “very good condition” Cover looks like it was color photocopied and laminated Book is a different edition Stamps all over book Writing on the inside noting daMage to spine Book is in terrible condition - I want a refund and a better copy Love this book but 1 star due to condition

HP and the Goblet of Fire

Very pleased with the quick shipping and the quality of the book, thanks!

This book was in horrible condition.

The condition of the book was absolutely abysmal. It had been dropped in water and dried so the pages were wrinkled. The only buying option was “good” so reading the description, I figured it could not be in such bad condition that it be shipped to me like this. The pages are on the brink of falling out because of the water damage in three different places.

Book condition was exactly as stated

I ordered the hardcover version(condition: acceptable). I received the book in great condition. All the pages were intact.


I ordered it in good condition and it is almost perfect

One of me favorites!

I like reading and enjoyed this buk!


Jus a magnificent translation!! great for a Russian-Culture Lover!! and of course a Ptter maniac!!

Magia para adultos

¿Quien dijo que cuando uno crece tiene que perder la magia? Una obra saga increible de historias para chicos y para adultos que conservan la magia en el corazón.

Es realmente bueno

Siempre, a medida que avanza una saga, el tema se vuelve repetitivo, canson y aburrido. Sin embargo, este episodio es el mejor. Esta lleno de muchos sentimientos, lo que hace que sea mas interesante que los anteriores. El que espero para tenerlo en español, que no espere mas, en solo 4 dias se devora un libro del mismo tamaño que el Quijote de la Mancha!.

Revenge of the Muggles

I have decided to write my review on the most mystifying fact about Harry Potter- The Ban. The leading complaint is that Harry Potter 'promotes witchcraft' But, why does that matter? It isn't like we can get ideas from the book and hex our friends, is it? If this was true, I would have long since bought out most of Diagon Alley. Another prospect is that if your children honestly believe this world exists, then you have more problems that just witchcraft to worry about! Another point to ponder, as they say, is the man behind most of the banning HAS NEVER EVEN READ THE BOOK! He claims it is 'clearly unappropriate for all Christians and I don't need to read it to know that' I am a Christian and a Harry Potter fan, and I don't see any conflict whatsoever in the two. [...] Thank you for reading my review. I hope you liked the book, too.

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