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Cover for "Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince"

Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince

(Book #6 in the Harry Potter Series)

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Book Overview

As the Harry Potter series draws to a close, Harry's greatest adventure yet is just beginning . . . and it arrives in paperback July 25, 2006. The war against Voldemort is not going well; even the... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

27 ratings

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Great job

Book as advertised My daughter loves it Thank you!

Great condition

Came in great condition, finally completing my collection


One of my favorite Harry Potter books, and came in great condition.

Very good

Came in a timely manner and in very good condition.

Ordered Very Good Condition and it came with no book jacket

Ordered Very Good Condition and it came with no book jacket, and nowhere did I read that it would not have one. Very vexed and disappointed!

All time fave! Nvm the author (sorry not sorry)

Never left the top 10 spot of my all time favorite series. I dunno how many times have I reread this series along with PJO & TMI 💕 Perfect for kids and young at hearts 😁

No dust cover

Very disappointed, came with no dust cover and corners in bad shape

Came in Fantastic Condition

This is an amazing book. If you haven't read it, you absolutely should. Great series for kids. My copy came in near-perfect condition. I was a little nervous, because I saw some people saying they didn't get dust jackets, but I did. Absolutely recommend!

Absolutely awful!!!

I bought this book in “very good” condition. I wish I could attach a picture of how disgusting, dirty and stained this book is. There is no sleeve and it has the title written on the cover in sharpie with bad penmanship. The binding is ruined. Page 18 instantly fell out when I opened the book. I literally just bought trash.

One of my favorite Harry Potter books!

In my opinion this is one of the best books of the HP series!


really good quality

Half blood.. is nothing like the movie

I don’t want to be recommended HP any more

amazing quality!

i ordered this book in “very good” quality and it looks brand new! dust jacket and everything!! so amazing

HP and the Half Blood prince

Book came in amazing condition, and the shipping was very incredibly quick!

Like new

I ordered a like new book, and the book came in very poor condition - with a torn cover and pages damaged by water.

Came without book jacket

Came with NO book jacket, and nowhere did I read that it would not have one. In order to return it I would have to pay a no refundable shipping charge. Extremely disappointed

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is as exciting as the others in the series

Love all of the Harry Potter books, from the first in the series to the last. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is full of incredible enchantment and adventure as the rest.


Loved it!

Great Read

love it nice not messed up at all 5 stars

Love all the Harry Potter books!

My daughter will enjoy reading these books as much as I have.

I have it; great book.

Harry's saga continues (*French language version)

This is the French translation of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. An excellent read. Very faithfully translated, although there are a few editing mistakes (dropped periods being the most common error) - but nothing that would really detract from the reading experience. I am going to assume that if you're looking at book 6 of the Harry Potter saga, you know what the book is about. So my review is based on the experience of reading this (and the other books in the series) in French. If you are a French student looking to improve your language fluency, I highly recommend reading otherwise familiar stories such as these in French. It is amazing how quickly your fluency improves when you read in your target language. And these books are so much fun, with such rich descriptive detail, you'll enjoy every minute.

Awesome purchase

I read this version of the book when I was abroad in Italy so I wanted this version as a keepsake. The retailer described the only physical flaw in the book (like a creased corner or something) to a T, it was wrapped in the most insanely protective packaging, and obviously the book is amazing and I tore through it all over again. Great price, great read, and I'll have it always. Thanks -

Excellent Book/ Libro Excelente

This book is a must have whether or not you're into the Harry Potter series this book plus the Deathly Hallows takes you deep into the story and let's your imagination soar with the incredible details and full of action. Este libro esta buenisimo y le encataria a todo el mundo, tenga o no conocimiento de la serie de Harry Potter. Junto con el libro de la Muerte Santifica (Deathly Hallows) te lleva tan adentro de la historia y deja que se eleve tu imaginacion con los detalles increibles y esta llena de accion.

Exceptional Book

The millions of JK Rowling readers are not deluded - the book is one of the rare examples of excellent fiction that are currently available. Like many great books, it does take a few hundred pages to get used to JK Rowling and her style and subject, but by then you are hooked with her story and characters.

El mejor libro de la serie!

Si eres un fan de la serie de Harry Potter y has leido los primeros 5 libros, no hay forma de que te puedas perder este! (Si no has leido los primeros, leelos y luego lee este) Durante el 6to año de Harry Potter en Hogwarts, el niño que vivió sigue enfrentandose a las peores pesadillas de la mayoría de los magos. Mientras que todos estan asustados por la posibilidad de que regrese Voldemort, Harry tiene que enfrentarse una vez más a... Lee el libro, es asombroso! No voy a decir más sobre este libro.