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Cover for "The Sisters of Auschwitz: The True Story of Two Jewish Sisters' Resistance in the Heart of Nazi Territory"

The Sisters of Auschwitz: The True Story...

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A New York Times bestsellerThe unforgettable story of two unsung heroes of World War II: sisters Janny and Lien Brilleslijper who joined the Dutch Resistance, helped save dozen of lives, were captured by the Nazis, and ultimately survived the Holocaust.Eight months after Germany's invasion of Poland, the Nazis roll into The Netherlands, expanding their reign of brutality to the Dutch. But by the Winter of 1943, resistance is growing. Among those fighting...

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World war ll in Holland

A very powerful and heartbreaking story ! The strength of these two sisters to endure what they went through the camps..the walks in the freezing food, or water, the absolute horrific conditions and the way they were makes you want to cry your heart out for them all ! No matter the hardships they went through ..they still had compassion, and care for their fellow capatives..trying to help and encourage them through all the hardships they had to endure. A unforgettable story ..that is both heart wrenching and and emotional and unforgettable! A work of historical fiction that though it shows the characters suffering..the resilience of the human spirit..and the fact they held on to hope..and to keep pushing on a true wonder in itself! Nothing but praise for this wonderful story and its writer! A book you WILL NOT be sorry to have read.