New York State Mental Health Services


New York State Mental Health Services

Mental health is something that should not be taken lightly. Just because mental illnesses aren’t tangible doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. They are not your average ailments. The disorders center on disrupting one’s perception, thoughts, emotions, and actions. And no, you can’t just tell people who suffer from them to simply “get over it.”

People with mental health issues are plagued with stereotypes. They get mistakenly labeled as crazy, violent, dangerous, and attention-seeking individuals. The stigma that surrounds mental health disorders doesn’t help as well because apparently, seeking help is a bad idea (can you see the sarcasm?).

Fortunately for the residents of New York State, there are centers that are dedicated to assisting individuals who are suffering from mental disorders. The state’s mental health system caters to more than seven hundred thousand people per year. Its Office of Mental Health (OMH) has psychiatric centers across the state. According to its website, agency is responsible for regulating, certifying, and overseeing more than 4, 500 programs that are handled by local governments and nonprofit agencies. They have different programs that can help anyone from individuals to families.

Another group that has mental health as its primary advocacy is the Mental Health Association in New York State (MHANYS). For over fifty years, the nonprofit organization has been fighting for change in the mental health care system for the benefit of every New Yorker. Its website states that they combat stigma through their community-based partnership programming. They also provide relevant information regarding mental health issues and services.

Contrary to popular belief, asking for help is actually a good idea. It may be difficult to open up about them, but speaking up will benefit you in the long run. It actually helps eradicate the stigma and spreads awareness. Don’t let the ignorance and mean whispers get to you.




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