Nurturing a Child’s Creative Talents



With the proper upbringing and the right exposure, a child can grow up to be the next Mozart, Van Gogh or Einstein. Nurturing a child’s talent at a young age is the perfect time to cultivate the inner brilliance he/she possesses, whether in music, art, literature or science. Below are ways to help expand the inner creativity in children.

Don’t allow frequent limitations to stunt creativity

Whether a child is disallowed to do certain chores, touch particular areas in the household or mess up the room once in a while, such stringent rules affect how a child thinks out of the box. Enable the toddler to explore the kitchen cabinet or attic from time to time. Allow the toddler to help paint a room, or even play with your personal stash of interests.


Accept your child’s unique eccentricities

Not every child has to be the queen bee, a popular jock or the class clown. Sometimes an odd, quiet child with unusual interests grows up to be the talented author, actor or artist. Embrace the child’s individuality. Make the child feel accepted.


Encourage the arts

Provide as much opportunity for the child to engage in art (or music). Allow the child to let loose his/her fondness for colors and crafts, as well as mini guitars or drum sets!

Remember to allow your child a certain amount of leeway to be messy, yet at the same time establish a ground rule for neatness. Let this be an every day habit for your child. Here’s a little tip. Coloring books aren’t the best outlets for creativity. Have the child build or create something with his/her hands instead.


Foster your child’s hobbies and interests

From ballet to sports, whatever interests the child leans toward at a young age, support it. Don’t scrimp on workshops or supplies expenditure, and enable your child to develop his/her talents. Be within a budgeted range of course. Enroll the child in programs and let the child mingle with other children who share the same fondness.


Don’t be ashamed of boredom

Contrary to popular belief, boredom is actually good for a child. It enables the child to recharge, focus and explore both his/her internal and external worlds, and this builds a springboard for creativity. Unstructured time allows kids to become more inventive and imaginative. Children will also learn how to manage time on their own. However, never over-compensate boredom with technological distractions. Television and tablets are a big distraction to a child’s developing skills.




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