Places for Recreation


Best Spots for Recreation and Relaxation


Places for Recreation

Sometimes, you need to give yourself a break from all the hustle-bustle of your life. For those of you who are suffering from an illness, you need to take a breather once in a while to take your mind off your condition. Fortunately, there are places you can head to in order to relax.


Now, before you start heading to your destination, always remember to prepare yourself for anything that may come your way. If you’re traveling somewhere far, make sure that your essentials are packed and ready. These items may be passports, tickets, first aid packs, and maps. Don’t forget to bring extra cash with you—you’ll never know what may happen to you, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.


If you’re a lover of the outdoors, you can opt to go on short hiking trips. Not only will you get to enjoy passing through beautiful scenery, your health will also greatly benefit from such activity. In fact, an article posted on Health Fitness Revolution reports that hiking can decrease the chances of getting diabetes and heart ailments when done on a regular basis.


Great hiking places for beginners include the Franklin Canyon in Los Angeles, the Lamar Trail Valley (Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming), and the Wissahickon Trail in Philadelphia. If you’re up for more challenging trails, you can flock to the Narrows (Zion National Park, Utah) or the Kalalau Trail in Hawaii.


Simple strolls on the beach can do the trick if you’re not too keen on uphill trails. Fun fact: our bodies exert more effort when walking on beaches because of the sand. If you’re planning to take long walks on the seashore, it’s best if you sport a good pair of walking shoes or beach-friendly footwear. Blogger Jackie Willey of Discover Walking recommends wearing Teva sandals for such exercise. You may forgo your shoes if your walks cover short distances.


There are plenty of great beaches out there. You can head down to Crescent Beach in Florida if you like looking at white sand. Fancy somewhere low-key? The Hammocks Beach State Park in North Carolina may be the place for you—cars aren’t allowed in the area, making it all the more peaceful. If you want to be face-to-face with nature, try flocking to Sand Point (Olympic National Park, Washington). Whatever beach you choose, don’t forget to put on some sunscreen to shield yourself from the heat.


Want great views to go with your outdoor activities? Visit national parks. They’re a great place to visit and get away from all the chaos. Must-visits are the Yosemite National Park (California), the Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona), the Denali National Park & Preserve (Alaska), and the Olympic National Park (Washington).


Not a fan of Mother Nature? Not a problem. City parks are your best bet. They have come a long way from being an odd patch of greenery in busy cities. As Lindsay MacNevin of EscapeHere puts it, they “play a key role in making a city desirable for both visitors and locals and it explains why cities are investing more and more money into them.”


Aside from gardens, Chicago’s Grant Park boasts a three-hundred-nineteen-acre space that houses many things: three museums, baseball fields, tennis courts, performance areas, and sculptures. The Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York, is home to a concert series (Celebrate Brooklyn!) that showcases musical acts from different genres. The best part? The shows are often held for free. You can also enjoy the park’s zoo and ice rink.


The West Coast also has plenty of urban parks worthy of attraction. San Diego’s Balboa Park is a one-thousand-two-hundred-acre area that contains many fun-filled stops, one of them being the San Diego Museum of Art. You may also sit down and grab a bite at the site’s many restaurants. Squeeze in a good workout at the park’s hiking trails and bike paths.


A little bit of recreation and relaxation is never harmful. Allow yourself to let loose and relax.






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