Stop Dreaming, Start Doing


On the importance of following your dreams


“I want to become a rock star.”
“I want to be able to fly!”
“I want to twirl and twirl and become a ballerina.”
“I want to explore the universe and become an astronaut.”

A lot of us have dreams, especially back when we were kids, when we dreamed of great (and sometimes even unimaginable) things—from superpowers, to wanting to defy gravity by flying, to wanting to swim across all the five big oceans, or visiting every other place in the world.


Personally, mine was to venture into the realm of theater and the arts. It took me a very long time to reach my dream, but I did it. I’m writing this because I want to remind you that it’s never too late to try; all you have to do is start now.


Following your dreams makes your life meaningful. Not even the worst of your worst days can take away the magic of your dreams. Dreams give purpose to our existence. They remind us that we can overcome some minor setbacks because they’re not as important as the goal that we are trying to reach. They push us to drop all other unimportant baggage because we have a greater purpose to fulfill. That even struggling is something to look forward for, as long as we’re struggling for the dream that we’re aiming.


Following your dreams teaches you hard work. We must accept the fact that we have to strive for our dreams. No one’s going to show up at our door and give them to us in a box. There is no other way but hard work. Contrary to what you are thinking, this is actually good news, because this makes our dreams even sweeter. Greater effort equals greater sense of accomplishment.


Following your dreams teaches you a sense of urgency. Cliché as it sounds, YOLO is and will be always true. You only live once, and unless you get reincarnated, you won’t have another shot at reaching your goals. Why would you even want to spend your numbered days doing something that you don’t love or even want?


Following your dreams teaches you to live bigger. Doing something you really want is courage! And taking courage will open new doors for you. You will meet people who are as zealous and passionate as you are in following your dreams. You will find yourself in places you never knew you are capable of reaching, if you haven’t tried to get out of your comfort zone. As Anaïs Nin once said, one’s “life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”


Following your dreams will lead you to a life with fewer regrets. You don’t want to be in your deathbed, thinking, “What if I had done this?” “What if I pursued my craft?” “What if I lived my dream?” No amount of regret will ever bring back time. No amount of regret will help you achieve your goal. So you must keep in mind that you have limited time—and that the clock never actually stops ticking.


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