The Art of Theatre



An old photo of a theatre troupe in costume


From its origins in Greece to its modern-day forms, theatre is built upon storytelling, and performance.

It is a collaborative art form that uses live performers specializing in different skills who have come together to perform and put on plays, and even musicals. Performers communicate with the audience through combinations of gesture, speech, song, music, and dance. These plays are presented to a live audience and all mistakes are witnessed by the audience; this makes theatre very exciting.

The live performance is what sets theatre actors apart from film actors. Each theatre performance is a dynamic collaboration between artists and audiences. Actors have to be loud enough and expressive enough to reach the person in the back row, and they have to be able to give the exact same performance every night.

To put on a production, several different crafts are necessary – both on stage and off. The production of plays usually involves contributions from a playwright, director, a cast of actors, and a technical production team that includes a scenic or set designer, lighting designer, costume designer, sound designer, stage manager, and production manager. Quite a lot of work, right?

A career in theatre involves long hours and stressful situations. But being a part of it is a totally exhilarating experience. Theatre can even be performed with a shoestring budget. The only requirement of a theatre is an empty space with a place to act and a place to watch. If you can find that, then you’re ready to roll. Of course, that is only fine for hobbyists. For people planning to have a professional career in theatre, becoming a part of a Broadway play is the ultimate goal. Who doesn’t want to be part of the Broadway productions of “The Phantom of the Opera”, “Chicago”, or “Cats”?

Having a theatre-related career is not easy. It’s very difficult. But if you continue to pursue your passion, nothing is impossible.




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