The Joy of Poetry




Poetry may look like a collection of words, but what it provides is far greater than simple description. It is an embodiment of thoughts and it defines aesthetics. However, the current school system makes no effort to make poetry fun for students. Also, adults find no time to read poetry. Love for poetry should be universal, the way language is to all.


There is real joy in poetry, though some only find it necessary as a class requirement. Here are some reasons why reading poetry is fun and fascinating:


  1. It is short. Compared to prose, poetry breaks a story down to its simplest form, making it compact and rich. Also, unnecessary elements are eliminated, so reading poetry doesn’t take too much time. You can do it while drinking a cup of coffee or taking your office break.


  1. It is fulfilling. Sometimes poetry is hard to understand, but the moment you finally get a meaning from reading poetry, it will give you a sense of fulfillment. A poem’s meaning may not be the same to each person, since it is different from theme. However, meaning provides relevance and purpose, and it is what drives us to do the things we do.


  1. It improves vocabulary. If a poem is written with rhyme and rhythm, sometimes the words won’t be simple. It may use synonymies or even words that follow different contexts. Even grammar is twisted in poetry, but this only improves our understanding of language, since it gives us an option to whether follow “correctness” or feel the essence of the words.


  1. Imagery and figurative language are at their finest. Poetry needs each word to be an individual story just to get a whole idea in one text. Just like photography, poetry captures a specific image, even though it’s not a physical one. It lets you find beauty in unexpected places. It makes us pay more attention to details we always miss when we go about living our lives.


There are a lot of reasons for why reading poetry is an enjoyable thing to do. It may seem pointless when we live in a busy world, but poetry is art. If we need food to survive, art is food for the mind and soul. Poetry is merely a reflection of the world, of our emotions, and of our ideas. To put it simply, to read poetry is to make an effort to understand life.



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