Real Stories. Real People. Real Fright.

Creepy, isolated cabins to cold, stormy, and frightening nights—these are some of the story beginnings that Dr. Rosalie H. Contino incites in her new crime and mystery novel, Underground Stories. Distributed with just as rich and terrified characters and harrowing or good endings, the book contains ten stories and poems that will leave readers to pine for more suspense. Warning: This isn’t for the weak of heart!

Readers’ Reactions

“It’s been a while since I picked up a thriller book that encapsulated a good blend of political suspense and drama. I was not disappointed! Pick this book for the road or for nightmares, it’s worth the decision to purchase.”

—Bonnie Mackey

“You may think this is “just another” short story collection of crime fiction, but this novel has a uniqueness of its own. Aside from the mysterious, rich imagination-inducing plots, you will also find a good selection of poems. A perfect pair for anyone looking to take a break from reality.”

—Lennie Amos

“Dr. Rosalie H. Contino’s, Underground Stories is a fine collection of suspenseful stories that keep one out of boredom for any dull day. It is well-written and goes to show the author’s versatility. You will find different characters that you will come to empathize and bid farewell to.”

—Edward T. Clifford

Are you brave enough?

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