Advantages of Being a Lecturer


Reviewing the advantages of becoming a lecturer and beyond that



For those with a tremendous love for a specific subject and plans of pursuing an academic career, becoming a lecturer can be the ideal choice. Despite being a career that often brings a lot of stress and requires a huge commitment, it also has its fair share of advantages and an unmatched satisfaction of teaching others what you love. In case you are looking for a little impetus to decide in favor of this prestigious profession, here are three key factors that will help.



Teaching at a university is immensely rewarding. Not only can you talk about your favorite subject, but you can ignite the spark in your students and help them make a significant difference to this world. You never get to lose the hope of making the world a better place as there are still lives to touch, worlds to change, and substantial work to be done. After all, sometimes, the right educator in the right place can change it all. At the end of the day, lecturing offers much more than just a paycheck. Being a lecturer satisfies your inner soul, knowing that you have molded impressionable minds and made a significant difference in many lives.


Flexible work arrangements

Many universities allow their professors to work from home when they do not need to be in the classroom. This means you can accomplish your family commitments more conveniently, which is almost impossible in any other traditional job profile. In addition, you can use e-mail and text messages to stay on the same page with your students and colleagues, which further reduces the need of constant physical presence. This flexibility allows you to nurture your other goals too—from pursuing your hobbies to those related to your profession.


Get to learn while teaching

One of the key advantages of becoming a lecturer is you can attain your goal of lifelong learning. You not only get to share your knowledge but can even dig deeper to explore something new. For instance, a student can ask you a question that might compel you to see the topic from a fresh perspective, and the subsequent discussions can spark something innovative. As a university lecturer, you have the privilege of staying updated with current trends, innovations, and technologies; honing your skills with workshops and trainings; and using modern gadgets to improve classroom teaching—all of which satiate your hunger to learn more and even experiment more to get better results.


To sum up, the profession of a lecturer has many advantages although there could be some disadvantages too like the stress, college-wide politics, and lack of geographical choice (in case your college or university has no branches at other locations). But if you love being in the academia, lecturing at a university or college is definitely the right job for you.


If you have your eyes set on this profession, add any major advantages that I’ve missed out on. Let me know in the comments section. You can also reach out to me on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.



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