Grieving the Death of a Child


Helping a Grieving Mother Deal with the Loss of Her Child



Grieving is the most painful experience of a person, especially for a mother to lose her child. No word can understand a mother’s pain in losing a child. It is not easy for a mother to experience this loss after the pain that she went through in delivering her baby safely and the sacrifices that she has to overcome in raising her child. She has many dreams for her child’s future. She prays for the safety and happiness of her child every day and night. She has love for her child that no one can prevent, not even death.


There are five stages of grieving—denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Denial is when a mother can’t accept the truth that her child died. She keeps on denying because the truth is unbearable for her to accept. She feels like the world has taken away everything from her, and this strong feeling may result to anger, which changes her attitude toward other people.


The love of a mother can give to her child is unconditional. She will do everything—even begging God—for the sake of her child. Bargaining will then take place. However, no matter how much she is willing to bargain, she can’t change the fact that she lost her child, and then depression will take over. In this stage, a mother needs someone to talk to or undergo grieving counseling to comfort her so that she can finally accept this sad reality.


It is not easy to heal wounds. However, there are ways on how to help someone who is grieving, to lessen the pain that they’re feeling. Listening and letting them open up about losing their loved ones are some of the ways. This gives them the feeling that there is someone willing to listen to them and make them feel like they’re not alone.


It’s impossible for a mother to forget her child and the pain brought by her loss. She will grieve forever because she can’t avoid missing her baby’s hugs and kisses. In this kind of situation, they don’t only need words but also a shoulder to lean on. Only their memories will last forever.


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