How to Conquer Difficult Life Changes



The secret to enduring pain through sudden life changes

How to Conquer Difficult Life Changes


Dealing with a loved one’s deteriorating health is one of the most painful life changes. A person’s major adversary during these times is helplessness. Still, no matter how difficult, there are different ways to show support.

One way is to let them know you’ll always be there. The thought of being alone may be scarier for your loved one than what they are facing. Hence, it is important that you show them through your actions.

Does he/she need to go to a doctor’s appointment? If so, how many times in a week? You can check the schedule and see which dates match yours so you can accompany them. If you are not available most of the time due to work, you can sneak some activities in your free time. Cook a meal or buy food according to their prescribed diet.

Another way to show support is by talking to them and giving encouragement. When your loved one’s health deteriorates, it is only natural for them to feel anxious or depressed. Counter these negative emotions with uplifting words.

If they are religious, remind them of their faith and read verses from the scripture. Inspirational messages from their favorite authors or celebrities could also be a great help in instilling a positive outlook.

Looking forward to the future is also an important message to tell your loved one. Sudden life changes such as failing health can make their perspective toward the future look blurry. Hence, make sure you make plans for the long-term and emphasize that you are going to do it with them.

If you want to travel with that person, pick a destination and a date. Make an itinerary. Focus on your loved one and on what he/she likes to do. Book tickets and accommodations if financially possible. The point of all this is showing your faith that more things await them down the road. By believing in the future, you also influence them to be more hopeful.

Lastly, involve other people. Major changes in life could be intimidating, but a large support outlet could easily drown that. The more people joining you in supporting your loved one means exponential results. Five people other than you translates to five other people believing in a future with your loved one. It also means five more inspirational messages and five more people available to accompany your loved one to the doctor’s clinic. In the case of life changes, the more, indeed, the merrier.

Changes in life are inevitable. These changes will vary, and some are difficult more than others. But with the right mind-set and processes, we can always offer to make it easier.


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