How to survive and deal with stress in courtroom


Courtroom survival: Remain stress-free during courtroom proceedings



The psychological factors present inside a courtroom are perhaps the most stressful areas in the entire legal system. The scenario worsens when a courtroom brawl takes place. For most of the legal cases, the reactions are usually shock, numbness, and disbelief—all of which trigger excessive stress. While all these are very common, it’s possible to be cheerful like nothing has happened. Here’re five great tips to sail through courtroom stress.


Wait till the initial shock evaporates


Initial shock is understandable and normal. But as with many terrible events in life, you should do nothing but absorb this shock. Don’t make any major decision till the reality sets in. And the worst thing to do is to engage in any self-destructive behavior or threaten your adversary.



Face your fears


Welcome the opportunity of being interviewed by the lawyer. Be ready to answer all questions and submit facts and considerations that are required for courtroom proceedings. Be attentive to every discussion going inside the courtroom.


Be patient


It goes like this inside the courtroom: A series of questions are asked by the judge and then each potential juror is called up-to the bench to discuss concerns. Obviously, it’s a tedious process, but you need to embrace it. Don’t lose your cool for the delay as that would only worsen the situation.


Be objective


Try to be objective in assessing the factual and legal foundations of your case. This will enable you to thoroughly consider all possible outcomes, including the possibility of losing the case. Consider the worst that can happen to you. Once you’re aware of that worst possible scenario, just resolve to deal with it. Once the proceedings are over, you’re most likely to find that your fear is diminished.


Take care of your health


Adequate rest, proper meals, and maintaining your exercise regimen have the greatest impacts on lowering courtroom stress. When you’re about to enter the crucial process, all these will keep you physically and mentally strong, enabling you to deal with stress more effectively. You may even pray or get involved in some other stress-busting activities that will make you feel better.


Finally, be prepared as much as you can. Don’t withhold any information from your lawyer. They’ll need to know everything for the sake of your case. Also, dress up in a proper manner and gather up all your documents. Don’t forget anything as that could postpone the case and anger the judge.



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