Dr. Rosalie H. Contino, PhD

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Nothing but the Best

by Dr. Rosalie H. Contino, PhD

I looked up.
He looked down.
I was looking at the latest HP printers.
He was staring at me.
Those beautiful crystal-blue eyes were so watery and sad,
His unusually smooth face was now deeply lined,
Was it the age or a deeply, stressed life. What went wrong?
He always bragged. “It’s nothing, nothing but the best.”
Did the best go wrong along the way? Why?
“Hey, young lady. Whatcha lookin’ at? Startled, I giggled,
“Looking for the perfect ultimate printer. And you?”
“Buying whatever product makes the job faster and easier.”
“That’s usually life, itself, isn’t it? The ultimate blaster?”
“Hmmm, so poetic. I guess you’re a writer now from what
you just said.”
“Yup. Writing and busy, as busy can be.”

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