Going Through Relationship Struggles


How to solve family conflict

relationship struggles family struggles

When there’s a family conflict, all hell breaks loose. In most cases, relationship struggles within the family are even worse than broken romantic relationships. The former involve a lot of stress that affect all other areas in life. To help you mend what’s broken, the following steps might help you get through these trying times.


Give time to clear off each other’s mind, but don’t delay time. When emotions are high, one cannot think clearly, and most probably, the situation gets worse than it is. Spend enough time apart to calm the mind, never avoiding the person one conflicts with.


Analyze the situation. Know what happened, what triggered the conflict, and what the other person of conflict think or feels when the conflict arose. Remain open-minded about the situation.


Talk with a trusted friend. Talk to a friend or a trusted person who you think will listen, understand, and give you an advice. Careful not to share your family relationship struggles to just anyone because not everyone can understand the situation, and you can never be assured that they will keep the situation confidential between you and them.


Set a time to talk. Initiate a talk even if the other party started the conflict. It sounds crazy and awkward, but when the intention is focused on mending the relationship, it doesn’t matter who initiates the talk. What’s important is the outcome. It takes humility and maturity to do this, but it’s worth doing it. If the other party does not cooperate, let them be. Opportunity will present itself in the future.


Listen. Careful not to interrupt when the other party tries to explain their side of the story. The goal is not only to justify one self, but also to understand the other person. You can opt to ask someone from your family, a trusted friend, or a counselor to mediate the talk.


Forgive. We are all humans after all—capable of making mistakes. Love is overlooking the faults of your loved one while focusing on improving yourself. Forgiving is one strong sign that love is present in your home.


Know that they are family. A family is the source of strength and inspiration. They are your number one support when urgent need arises, they have always been your companion for the longest time, and they are irreplaceable. Developing a healthy relationship with your family indicates a big advantage in succeeding in other areas in your life.


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