Rosalie, My Darling: What’s In a Name?



The funny thing about being named after something is that you are often embarrassed about your name while growing up. Me? I was named after the song “Rosalie, My Darling” from the musical Rosalie written by Cole Porter. I hate my name. I was called Rosalie, Ro or Rosie. Whenever a guy sang “Rosalie, My Darling” to me while I was dancing with him, I would run off the dance floor. I was mortified of it. I really hated my name growing up. It wasn’t until years later when I got involved in musical theatre at NYU that when I heard those high sopranos singing “Rosalie, where are you?” I changed my attitude. Now, I love my name and I’m happy I was named after the musical.

Look, even if you are not so fond of your name while growing up it doesn’t mean you are going to hate it forever. Well, I do understand why some people would hate their name forever (possible horrible nicknames, maybe?). Of course, parents should also be careful what they name their kids. You don’t want your child to be the center of ridicule and name taunting, do you? I hope nobody named their child Lucifer or something worse!

Parents, before you give your child a name so unique that no one else in the world would share the same name, think about how people would react to it. Sure, you wouldn’t care about it because you love the name. But, think about your child. Make the effort to name your children something they can be proud of, not embarrassed about.

Parents need to recognize that the names they give their children will be with them the rest of their lives. The name might sound unique for you, but how would other people perceive it? Remember that kids can be mean and make fun of others for far less than a weird name.

If your kid’s name is almost impossible to pronounce from the spelling, then you are just looking for trouble as your child grows up. So, parents please save your children embarrassment when choosing a name. Choose a name you think your child will love.


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