Single Parents Struggles and Strengths


Single parent remarkable challenges

Single parents struggle


Life of a parent is like a roller coaster—sometimes up and sometimes down. We struggle in silence because we don’t want our children to see us at our weakest. We scold them because we are afraid our children might get hurt. We cry because we can see the pain of our children, and we always find ways to fulfill the needs of our loved ones. Love can’t be love without pain and sacrifice.


It’s not easy for a single parent to raise his or her child alone. These kind parents are the toughest people because they have to be strong for their children. No matter how a single parents struggles every day, as long as their child is happy and healthy, that’s enough to heal the pain that burdens them.

The struggles of being a single parent has no expiration date. The responsibilities they carry is twice what other parents have. Managing the time to take care of his or her children and working at the same time is one tough job because when they get home, they go directly to taking care of their kids, leaving their personal needs behind.

These three struggles are the toughest a single parent must face every day:


Financial problems

Nowadays basic necessities (food, clothing, and shelter) have become more expensive. This stretches the income of a single parent, which would not be enough to support the needs of the family. A single parent financial problem may be the same as everybody’s problem, but financial problems become more difficult for a single parent, especially when their children progresses through their education. Today, with technology advancing, many single parents have learned to earn money through other ways like selling clothes, shoes, and even foods online, on top of studying or doing other jobs.

Social separation

Being a single parent means needing inspiration to stay strong as they conquer their problems. Due to many obligations, they don’t have enough time to hang out with their friends. Single parents, engage in activities that double as socializing and at the same time engaging for your children. Be involved in little church gatherings that offer childcare, go to a class activity at an exercise center where your children has space to play, or go on Sunday play dates or even picnics at the park.


Raising a child is very hard. A lot of things change as the child grow. This includes the pressure on attending school meetings and activities on a working day. The emotional burden can greatly affect the decisions that they will make.


A journey of a single parent means owning the responsibility of being a parent alone, and the obligation and the quality of being strong will double. Being a single parent can be stressful and rough, but when they see the success and happiness of their child, the feeling can’t be explained in one word.

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