The Phantom of the Opera Musical: For Love, Death, and Theater


The Phantom of the Opera Broadway musical keeps you on the edge of your seat


the Phantom of the Opera musical




Adapted from the 1910 novel by Gaston Leroux, The Phantom of the Opera follows the story of a hideously disfigured composer who haunts the grand Paris Opera House. The phantom’s romantic obsession with a gorgeous naive singer, Christine, leads him to compose operas for her. As Christine gained stardom, a dashing suitor from her past suddenly swoops in. The Phantom became infuriated and threatened to kill the opera house owners one by one. Despite his threats, Christine still finds herself drawn to his mysterious charm.


The Phantom of the Opera musical history goes back when Ken Hill discovered Gaston Leroux’s novel in a used bookstore. He eventually went on to produce it as a stage musical. The first staged musical version was held at Morecambe Pier. Andrew Lloyd Webber approached Hill about producing a grand version of the phantom. But in the end, Lloyd Webber chose to pursue the phantom without Ken Hill.


The Phantom of the Opera musical first opened on Broadway on January 26, 1988, and the production was an extravagant showcase of imagination. The magnificent detail and the well-constructed sets brought the show to life. Every time the curtain would open, it would feel like a new discovery filled with awe and wonder.


After twenty-three years of thrill and romance, the show still manages to live up to everyone’s expectation. The Phantom of the Opera Broadway musical continues to surprise and thrill the audience with a seemingly straightforward storyline. The phantom stays true to its roots, capturing what people already found endearing about the play. Its magic is in the simplicity of the plot, the beauty of the story, the authenticity of the score, and grandness of the theatrical interpretation. Overall, the musical is both beautiful and romantic but equally terrifying. Its sheer inventiveness comes from its amazing cast and fantastical staging, which makes for a timeless masterpiece.


You can catch Andrew Lloyd Webber’s masterpiece in a timeless spectacle of seduction and despair at the Majestic Theatre in New York from Monday to Saturday. The Phantom of the Opera musical tickets are priced at forty-five dollars.


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