Traveling the World: Tips and Ways


Checklist on how to avoid bothersome situations when always traveling abroad.



Many people have dreams about traveling as it is has been proven to have benefits. Aside from relieving stress, the benefits from traveling the world result to healthier and happier lives, creative juices boosted by interacting with diverse locals and cultures, and, last, even looking forward to traveling provides some form of satisfaction.


You will feel excitement when traveling places, that’s for sure. But more than packing, here is a basic checklist for traveling:

  1. Travel insurance. From replacement of your broken things to unexpected emergencies, travel insurance will provide assistance during unforeseen events, such as hotel evacuation and even flight cancellation.
  2. Secure your travel documents like your passport, travel visa, insurance papers, and ID cards. Make sure to have copies of these documents for certain accommodations.
  3. Research about your destination. Knowing dress customs, local laws, and practices is advisable and may help you avoid compromising situations.
  4. Download offline navigation apps. Downloading offline maps from Google Maps or CityMaps2Go will let you use your device to navigate longer. Always remember to have a backup charger, but securing a physical map won’t hurt too!
  5. Aside from luggage, never forget to bring cash. For exploring, bring your camera, medication, portable charger, and headphones.


Once you are equipped, here is a checklist for traveling popular destinations you might want to include in your itinerary:

  1. Rich in dynamic culture and a mixture of historic and contemporary architectures, China has a lot to offer. Coming to China means climbing the Great Wall, the ancient defensive architecture included in the New Seven Wonders. Other attractions include the Terracotta Army in Xi’an, the Forbidden City in Beijing, the Li River in Guilin, and many more.
  2. Moscow, the capital city, is known as a hub of various forms of arts. Onion-shaped domes of notable churches cover the skyline, and the city of Leningrad—now referred to as St. Petersburg—is a popular cruise destination to tourists. Aside from arts, Russia has shopping and dining streets.
  3. In London, you can find fashion, food, and beautiful architecture. The Buckingham Palace, the Tate Modern, the Royal Opera House, and Oxford Street are all found in London. Aside from London, one destination you have to visit in Europe is Paris, known for the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre.


Know other great places aside from the ones mentioned above? Share your favorite destinations and your own travel tips in the comment section below. Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads for more.  Also, check out my book, Underground Stories.



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