What Is the American Alliance for Theatre and Education?


Achieving Academic Success through Drama and Theatre in Education

Drama and theatre in education started in the early 1950s. It is the process of incorporating drama and theatre practices in academic learning. This teaching strategy has been proven effective throughout the years and is constantly being developed. Part of the advancement of high-quality drama and theatre education is the formation of several organizations aimed at creating pools of creative and remarkable artists.

One of the most acknowledged and reputable arts education organization in the United States is the American Alliance for Theatre and Education (AATE). AATE’s mission is to “inspire a growing collective of theatre artists, educators, and scholars committed to transforming young people and communities through theatre arts.” With this, they strive to embrace diversity, provide leadership, and create a community of excellent artists.

AATE is a mix of theatre artists, teachers, professors, playwrights, and scholars. They cater to forty-eight states in America and nineteen countries worldwide. They not only use drama and theatre as a tool to educate, but they also make sure there is interaction across various audiences. AATE is an advocate for arts education and is the coauthor of the national standards for theatre education K-12. They also collaborated with five other arts education organizations in creating the twenty-first-century arts skills map.

The American Alliance for Theatre and Education believes in the various benefits of theatre education on students. Drama and theatre practices can better improve students’ reading comprehension, increase motivation, and encourage participation in school activities. Several studies have also shown that students who train in theatre and drama are better rounded, more confident, and have improved verbal and nonverbal communication skills.

Theatre, drama, and other art forms have always been a great help to individuals. Art is not only for self-expression but also for building personalities and healing trauma. It entails passion, and with passion comes purpose. A person who is living life according to purpose tends to become more content in life. That is why it is highly believable that theatre and drama training can really improve a person. With the help of drama and theatre education, individuals not only develop as artists but also as professionals.

Through AATE and other arts education organizations, the discipline and critical thinking taught in theatre can now be applied in schools, leading to more academic success for students. Encourage children while they’re young to explore theatre and drama classes to help them create a strong self-esteem and a firm sense of self.


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